Consumers Guide to Purchasing the Perfect BJJ Gi

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If you are going to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then it is extremely important that you have the right Gi to last you throughout your most intense training sessions. Here is a quick guide with some simple pointers to follow to make sure that you get the right Gi that fits you, your budget and your training needs. I have also included some instructions on how to properly care for your Gi and make sure that it lasts as long as possible.

First lets talk WEAVES (no not the kind that you see on the Real Housewives of Atlanta) Jiu Jitsu Gi's are commonly classified to as the type of fabric "weave" that they are composed of. The weave of the Gi is normally only referred to the construction of the jacket, not the pants. However, buying a more durable Gi jacket will usually always come with more durable gi pants.


Single Weave Gi's are the most basic type of Jiu Jitsu Gi. They are thinner and lighter, but that also makes it easier for your opponent to grab and hold onto you for dear life, making it much tougher for you. Single weave Gi's use the same fabric twisting pattern that is found in double weaves, but because of how lightweight they are, it is often a good choice for extreme heats during the summer. A single weave is much less durable than other heavier weaves, but if you are just starting out in BJJ a single weave might be a good idea because of the lower cost. Here are our top selling Single Weave Gis... Honor Jiu Jitsu GiTiger Claw BJJ GiCahill Black BJJ Gi


If your Gi is not labeled Single Weave or Double Weave chances are it is a Pearl Weave Gi. This type of weave got its name because the "bumpy" texture that it has resembles small pearls. Typically pearl weaves are a little heavier than the Single Weave Gi making it more durable and harder for your opponent to grip.  The Pearl Weave Gi is typically about as strong as you can get, it resists stretching making it tougher to grip compared to the Ultra lightweight Gi's as well. Here is a list of our Top Selling Pearl Weaves...Gameness Female Pearl Weave, and our Honor Pearl Weave Gi is also available for $99.99 (contact us for ordering)


Double Weave Gi's are a little more expensive and heavier than Single Weave but recently they have fallen a little short for most BJJ practitioners due to their weight and stiffness. They just are not as comfortable if they do not fit exactly right. However, for a competition a Double Weave Gi is usually a better option than a single weave because their thickness and stiffness will make it more difficult for your opponent to hold onto. A drawback for double weaves is that they are usually very heavy and if you’re having trouble making weight for a jiu jitsu tournament, a double weave gi will make it that much harder for you to weigh in since most tournaments require you to weigh in with your Gi on. Some of our top selling double and triple weave...Bad Boy BJJ UniformHayabusa Triple Weave Gi


Sizing can be difficult sometimes when it comes to BJJ Gi's. It literally varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Typically they are sized with "A" for adult and usually size between 0-6 with and A2 or A3 being the most popular size. It is easiest to determine your size base on your weight. We have size charts supplied on all of our Jiu Jitsu Gi descriptions.


~ Always hang your Gi up immediately after you get home from training. This will help from mildew and mold to form. Never leave your Gi in your gym bag wet and sweaty.

~ Wash your Gi, rash guard, knee guards and compression shorts separately from your other clothes to prevent your clothes smelling like your lovely gym bag.

~ MOST GI'S DO NOT COME PRE SHRUNK!!! If you take anything from this article, take this tip with you! It is very important that you know if your Gi is preshrunk or not. If it is NOT pre shrunk and you put it in the dryer, it will shrink significantly! Instead hang it dry or put in dryer on low for 10 min then hang dry. NO MORE THAN 10 MIN IN DRYER.

~ If you put a colored patch on a white Gi, make sure you wash the patch first! The ink from the patch will bleed and you will end up with a destroyed BJJ Gi.

~ Stronger detergents can wear your Gi out a little faster than you would like. If possible buy Woolite for your Gi. If their is a blood stain on your Gi treat it with a stain remover like Shout to remove the blood. 

~Do not Bleach your Jiu Jitsu Gi!! Over time the bleach will wear out your Gi very quickly and eat holes into your Gi. NEVER BLEACH YOUR GI.

~ Never wash your BJJ belt in the washing machine, or any other way for that matter. The belts were not meant to be washed and can cause damage to your BJJ belt. (Plus it looks way better when its all beat up and not brand new and clean.)

Hope these tips help you find the Gi of your dreams! Good luck and call us if you have any questions or want a specific Gi that you do not see on our website and we will be more than happy to help you out! Thank you!

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