Martial Arts and Meditation...The Perfect Marriage

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Meditation is not something that comes easily to many people (myself included), others it comes with practice (my husband) and others and can come pretty natural and organically. It takes some concentration to train your mind to get to a certain type of consciousness, but like everything else in life, practice makes perfect! There is no better time than today to start practicing your meditation to help you throughout your daily life, ESPECIALLY if you practice Martial Arts or any combat sport for that matter. I hope that this article helps you to learn the art of meditation and realize how it can help everyone achieve their goals in life.


Tai Chi master Shi Ming says that "the process of refining one's consciousness is the absolute basis of higher training in martial arts." By consciousness Shi Ming did not mean ordinary everyday consciousness, but "to a condition in which body and mind are fused, spirit and matter are united." All martial arts practice some sort of meditation. They require deep abdominal breathing with an exhalation that is longer than the inhalation. That breath is designed to circulate chi or energy throughout your body.That energy is meant to flow in a circular motion from the top of your head down the cocyx and soles of the feet and back up to the head. This is the perfect meditation to do before your training. It is best performed in the morning or late in the afternoon for at least 15-20 minutes a day.


Martial Arts also uses meditation to clear your mind of negative thoughts or weakness that you may have before sparring, training or combat. By clearing your mind you are more aware of any insecurities, anger or anything else that you have hidden in your subconscious that can prevent you from achieving your martial arts goals. This type of meditation is meant to sharpen your focus as well. By sitting still and clearing your mind you will create yourself to be a very focused and disciplined martial arts practitioner. Breathing deeply and deliberately while standing or sitting and concentrating on immovable thoughts of empowerment is one way practitioners teach this technique.

In my journey to reach a deeper level of meditation, I came across this amazing "how to" video that I would like to share with you. Deepak Chopra has some great tips for achieving that next level of meditation. Here he discusses how important the little things are that you do to interrupt your meditation. Hope you enjoy and Happy Meditating! 

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