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Let me start off by introducing everyone on the Honor team.... 

First, and in my opinion the "big man on campus", we have Phil Burney Sr. Phil started martial arts when he was just a teenager in West Palm Beach, Fl. He quickly fell in love with the sport and didn't waste anytime achieving his goals of becoming a black belt in Kickboxing and Uechi Ryu Karate. At 61 years old, he is the toughest SOB that I have ever met, and yet the most humble and respectful man you will ever encounter. He is the backbone of this business and his family.   

Second, we have the sweetest and most kind-hearted human being on the planet Mrs. Cynthia Burney. Cynthia and Phil met when they were 20 years old and have been inseparable ever since. They have managed to raise 2 amazing children together (Phil Jr who is 34 and Brea who is 31) start and run a successful business for 35 plus years now and still remain best friends after all these years. Cynthia is also an amazing grandmother to Sadie, our little sweet pea. She is the person who knows ABSOLUTELY everyone in the martial arts business in the entire state of Florida. If you don't know Cynthia from Pro Karate in the state of Florida, you have been living under a rock!

Third, is my husband and the best man and father I have ever known, Phil Jr. Phil has been working for his parents at the karate store since he was 15. (don't get me wrong, he has been in the store running around in diapers, but officially on the pay roll since 15) Phil grew up watching his dad at many amateur fights with his mom and sister Brea. He says that one of his first memories as a child was his dad kicking a palm tree over and over and over again to condition his shins....I know sounds crazy, but its the truth! Ask any of his friends growing up, they will tell you.  Phil Jr. now trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is currently a purple belt. He is a wonderful father to our beautiful daughter Sadie Grace who is 2 years old.

Last but not least there is me! Kristyn. I became a part of this wonderful family 10 years ago. I immediately fell in love with everyone in the family, and I think they did me too (at least I hope so) :) If they didn't at first, they sure did after we gave them Sadie!! She has 100% of grandma and pop pops heart! I have absolutely no background in martial arts, but after being apart of this family for the last decade I'm sure I know more than the "average Joe". Hopefully soon I will be able to say that I train in Jiu Jitsu, that is my next goal...just to start! 

So there you have it folks, that is the Honor Athletics Martial Art Supply family. We currently own a beautiful retail store in Atlanta, Georgia. We have been open there for almost 7 months. We had 3 retail stores in South Florida for 35 years and decided to relocate the business to Atlanta about 1 1/2 years ago. Business has been great and the people of Georgia are just incredible!! I truly mean that! We say it almost every single day, the people here are the nicest and most welcoming people you will ever meet. We hope to have another 35 years in business!!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers, new and old. We love each and every single one of you!! 


The Honor Athletics Family

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